Dan Trogdon Custom Cues

"Quality custom cues at a reasonable price"

954 Luke Chute Road : Waterford, Oh 45786






$8.95 shipping charge on any size order of cue parts for USPS priority mail.

(Within the U.S. only - email for other country shipping costs)


Excess Inventory


Cue Blanks

These cue blanks were started years ago ( some over 15 years ) and are straight and well seasoned.

Order as many items as you want but only 1 of each item

More and different items will be added over the next couple months


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Slight curly maple cue with black phenolic and silver rings before and after wrap area and in black phenolic butt cap - plain maple wrap area

Item # UNF64 -----  $125.00 ---- Length 31 1/2 - Weight 13.5 oz.- Size .880 joint x 1.31 butt







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Curly maple front with 4 spliced lacewood points and lacewood butt with silver rings - plain maple wrap area 

Item # UNF86 -----  $175.00 ---- Length 29 1/2 - Weight 14.0 oz.- Size .900 joint x 1.34 butt








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