Dan Trogdon Custom Cues

"Quality custom cues at a reasonable price"

954 Luke Chute Road : Waterford, Oh 45786


Payment by           or money order


EMAIL with any questions 



Cues under $400.00




Cue 174 -bocote wood-jump break-cast inlays-black and white speck wrap-19.2 oz.-63" long



Cue 204 Maple cue with 3 high and 3 low black veneer points with ebony sword points-18.6 oz-58" long


Cue 208 Cocobolo Dymondwood cue black and white speck irish linen wrap-19.9 oz.-58"




Email for close up pictures

There is some distortion in the pictures of these cues but you can be

sure there is not any in the cues themselves.


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